Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Return Visitor

It is damp and dreary out and I want sun! I woke up with my "crabby pants" on today, and they were still there, even after a workout and TWO chocolate chip cookies. That will never do, so I thought I would introduce you to a little friend who is back again this year.

Mama Bird is back for her third year and her second in this spot (yes, I know it could be a different bird, but what are the odds she would nest by the front door again?). Her nest is a couple of feet from the doorbell, and she sits tight even when visitors come to the door. The next time someone asks if we know we have a bird nest there, I will have to pretend I've never seen her before!

I used my longest lens to give her as much space as possible. I should have checked the vibration reduction setting before I went out -- it was hard to hold things steady after two cups of tea and two cookies!

So, let's balance on our left legs and sing a silly song: Crabby pants -- OFF! Glad clothes -- ON!


  1. lol what a funny story....i promise i wont knock and tell you, you have nest by yr hope you wake up happier 2moro.

  2. It would be a long trip for you, but we'd have a good laugh! The sun came out at last, and my walk with the dogs was a perfect attitude adjustment.