Saturday, April 30, 2011

Just Call Me Miss May!

Just a quick note that I'm getting ready to show my quilts in the Quiltworks gallery in May. This wonderful new shop in Bend has gallery space above the shop and they feature a different local quilter every month. Of course I will take more quilts than they can possibly show, but heaven forbid a small amount of space would go empty! I will post a link to the photo blog once it is up. Until then, I'm frantically sewing labels on the quilts I have neglected...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Taking It On The Road

I finished the first of 3 mini quilts to go on my lighthouse quilt. It is 8" x 8" and will be sewn to the top of the larger quilt. Gotta get it done for my "gallery show" next week. HA! Doesn't that sound la-ti-dah? One of the local shops has a gallery upstairs and my quilts will be there in May. I wanted to have more done, but you know how that goes...

Just wondering how many of you keep a sketchbook/art journal. I've been resisting, but my friend Marlis is doing some fun things, and I'm starting to think I'm just being obstinate! Check out her latest post.

I'm off to the Corvallis area to do a trunk show for the Mary's River guild. It looks like I'll hit snow going over the pass :-( but should have enough time to hit a quilt shop or two on the way.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Agility Weekend!

Hello, All--

I was off last weekend at an agility meet with the boys and haven't had much time to sew. I thought you might like to see a video of one of our runs. We're both rookies and I definitely made some mistakes, but it was a fun run. We'll do better next time!

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Fun Project

Hello, Everyone--

I feel guilty that I have neglected you terribly! This little sandpiper is one of the reasons -- I started this in an online class with Jane LaFazio through and became obsessed with getting my little bird done. I am pleased as punch that the bird looks real!

This class (Mixed-Media with Paper & Fabric) has been an interesting learning experience. I like creating textures, but I don't like losing the tactile nature of fabric by gluing paper to it with an acrylic medium. That seems to be the way a lot of mixed-media artists work, but I guess my traditional quilting roots are showing! If I'm working on a stretched canvas I don't expect the finished product to feel like a quilt, but I expect a quilt to look soft and touchable (even if one isn't supposed to touch it).

I'm showing some of my work at a local shop next month and I'm trying frantically to finish some new work. I'll let all of you see it first!