Thursday, April 28, 2011

Taking It On The Road

I finished the first of 3 mini quilts to go on my lighthouse quilt. It is 8" x 8" and will be sewn to the top of the larger quilt. Gotta get it done for my "gallery show" next week. HA! Doesn't that sound la-ti-dah? One of the local shops has a gallery upstairs and my quilts will be there in May. I wanted to have more done, but you know how that goes...

Just wondering how many of you keep a sketchbook/art journal. I've been resisting, but my friend Marlis is doing some fun things, and I'm starting to think I'm just being obstinate! Check out her latest post.

I'm off to the Corvallis area to do a trunk show for the Mary's River guild. It looks like I'll hit snow going over the pass :-( but should have enough time to hit a quilt shop or two on the way.


  1. I'm back home, safe and sound. Yesterday's drive was a little more "thrilling" than I needed (help! we're sliding to the left, eek, now to the right, phew, back in my own lane just in time...). The group was very nice and the meeting is well run. Nap time!

  2. If you'd like to see my trunk show, go to the Mary's River Quilt Guild blog (
    My quilts are at the end. Love their historian -- she posted the slides already and didn't take any pictures of me!!! :-)