Friday, April 8, 2011

A Fun Project

Hello, Everyone--

I feel guilty that I have neglected you terribly! This little sandpiper is one of the reasons -- I started this in an online class with Jane LaFazio through and became obsessed with getting my little bird done. I am pleased as punch that the bird looks real!

This class (Mixed-Media with Paper & Fabric) has been an interesting learning experience. I like creating textures, but I don't like losing the tactile nature of fabric by gluing paper to it with an acrylic medium. That seems to be the way a lot of mixed-media artists work, but I guess my traditional quilting roots are showing! If I'm working on a stretched canvas I don't expect the finished product to feel like a quilt, but I expect a quilt to look soft and touchable (even if one isn't supposed to touch it).

I'm showing some of my work at a local shop next month and I'm trying frantically to finish some new work. I'll let all of you see it first!


  1. i love love love your small bird quilt! a year ago or so i took the same class. but as you mentioned, i didn't like that i lost the tactile quality of fabric. maybe i should give it another try...

  2. Hi, Marlis!

    Before I forget, Gloria Loughman send greetings. I quite enjoyed her class and found her most charming.

    I love my little bird, but I'm a quilter/fiber artist at heart and not drawn to mixed-media when it ends up stiff as a board! I want to be able to add hand embroidery if I want, without having to find an awl to get a needle through it all! K