Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Quick Visit


I've been toiling away on class samples to be turned in today -- lots of binding so my fingers are sore. This sample is for my digital artwork class. I love the magic that can happen with Photoshop blending modes!

I know you can't tell, but Miss Smartypants here decided to add some "big stitch" quilting with #12 pearl cotton in the photo area. She rummaged through all her fibers for the perfect muddy blue, brown and purple and matched the colors a bit too well! (Miss Smartypants isn't particularly smart after all -- she cut away the stabilizer, but didn't think about trying to stitch through two layers of batik, fusible and EQ Printables plus the backing and batting...). No wonder she switched to monofilament and the sewing machine!!!

If you enjoy playing with textures in Photoshop or PSE, check out Kim Klassen's website (thanks, Marlis, for the pointer!). She's offering an e-course called "The Art of Texture" starting next week -- can you tell I'm counting my pennies and drooling already???

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  1. you are welcome kathy. i have been thinking of signing up for the art of texture class, but at the moment too much is going on here. maybe next time.