Monday, February 21, 2011

Stop Me Before I Photoshop Again! (More Fun with Textures)

Playing with textures in Photoshop is so much fun, I never want to quit! :-)

I desaturated the watercolor and acrylic background from my last posting (turned it to greyscale) and layered it with a scan of linen-look blinds. I thought it had a lot of potential, but when I tried it on a couple of images, it didn't do a thing! (As an aside, isn't it interesting how our eyes/brains read watercolor as very sheer, but the scan shows a lot of pigment).

Since the images I tried were quite colorful, I tried again with an image with a very light background. The changes are very subtle and I don't know if they will print on fabric very well, but it could make a pretty postcard:

Wishing you a creative, inspiration filled day!


  1. I wish i was as confident as that in photoshop, everything i try i dont like....this is wonderful work.

  2. Hi, Jen--

    I had to laugh since you don't hear the running commentary when I try something that really stinks, you only get the good stuff! My hubby curses at his iPad at least once a day, so at least I don't do that!

    I saw on your blog that you do digital scrapbooking -- have you seen "Digital Expressions -- Creating Digital Art" by Susan Tuttle? It is oriented toward art rather than scrapbooking (although there is one project that uses scrap elements) and a lot of the art is fairly dark and atmospheric, but I got a lot of confidence working through the projects using her steps. I also like "Somerset Digital Studio", don't know if you can find that on newsstands where you live, but it has a nice mix of art and artistic digital scrap pages. Kathy