Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Treasure from My Stash

I came across this scrumptious fabric while rummaging through my bin of green "fancies" (silks, satins, ties, etc.). I found it at a quilt show and obviously couldn't resist. The tag says it was part of a vintage kimono and was either hand-dyed or painted. I assume it is a jacquard weave or something similar since the leaf motifs are raised and flecked with metallic thread.

It is quite wonderful and I have no idea what to do with it! The piece is approximately 40" x 13" and has prominent selvages--probably 11" usable once seamed. The fabric is stiffer than cotton, with very little drape, and rough due to the metallic threads so I don't think it would be pleasant to wear as a scarf. I'm leaning toward a table runner with some kind of patchwork border to add width, but the metallic makes me nervous--what temperature iron to use, what kind of interfacing to stabilize it, etc.? The label says it is machine washable and dryable in a cool, gentle setting.

I'd love some ideas (besides "give it to Pat or Wendy"!!!)

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