Friday, December 4, 2009

Clear as Mud...

I have always been a fan of clear colors--no grayed, muddy fabrics for this girl! I felt compelled to buy them (some book I read said no stash would be complete without them), but hated seeing them next to my favorites. A couple of years ago, I cleaned out my stash and pulled out those yucky bits I knew I'd never use. Funny thing, when they were together in a pile by themselves, I loved them together! Since then I've had a "mud" shelf where the collection lives quite happily.

I dug into my light mud yesterday to coordinate with a Moda charm square pack for a quick tablerunner sample for my Simply Charming class this weekend. The Evening Mist fabric line is muted and lovely, but I always like to toss in a few extras to extend the value range or add a different scale of print. I'm quite pleased with the result! ("Game Board" pattern by Anka's Treasures).

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