Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Feel the Need...

To Bead! This is my second project made with right-angle weave, although maybe I should say third attempt since I had to make the bracelet twice--the first one was too small, even for my scrawny wrists... Funny how much quicker one gets the second time around!

Right-angle weave creates a lovely fabric that is fluid and drapes nicely. Some stitches don't wrap comfortably around small wrists (especially if one maintains a death-grip tension like I tend to do), but this bracelet is quite nice to wear.

Here's an interesting observation--I very rarely buy quilt kits (except charm packs and jelly rolls for class samples), and even then I generally toss something in from my stash to personalize the design somehow. I often succumb to the lure of jewelry kits, though. Maybe that is because it is harder to find the unique goodies some designers incorporate into their designs. Or perhaps because some kits use techniques I'm not familiar with yet, so can't visualize the results to design my own. It could just be that bracelets are my "instant gratification" projects and I get seduced by having everything ready to go in one cute little package. Whatever the reason, it is a good reminder not to judge people who want to make a quilt exactly like the one in the magazine or in the shop too harshly.

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