Monday, December 28, 2009

Santa Went Overboard!

Or should I say my wonderful family did??? Chris is a very good shopper--he helped Al Gore create the Internet, now he gives it and Mastercard a workout! We all know I could have survived for months (years?) without buying fabric, but he and my sister found wonderful treasures anyway. The scan is a piece from Tanzania she found on etsy--each square is about 2" x 2".

I'm about halfway done with a tubular peyote bangle and will post a photo when I get a sec. It feels so good to have a little time to mess around with projects that aren't class samples! Beading is more portable for me than quilt projects so I worked on the bracelet while we were down in CA. I must be getting old--I sure needed my Ott-Lite to work in the room at the B&B! Size 15 beads are eensy-beensy...

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