Thursday, December 17, 2009

Red and Black, Take Two

Back in 2006, I started a quilt to use up some of my reproduction shirting prints. I added black and red reproduction "Garibaldi" prints and made a period-accurate (late 1800's) pattern called "Lost Ships." The tessellation was cool but the quilt was a bit too somber for my taste. Off it went to the Bend Ronald McDonald house.

What to do with the large stack of leftovers? If you guessed "buy more fabric," you would be today's winner! I learned my lesson, though, and stocked up on black and red batiks and Asian prints instead of ditsy calicoes. I like the result better already! I have lots of left-over half-square triangles so will have to add a sawtooth border to use some of 'em up...

(Picket Fence Star, a scrap design for my "Simply Charming" class next spring)

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