Sunday, May 16, 2010

Working Through the Backlog

Now that I've started teaching, I end up with oodles of tops (since I rarely have time to get them quilted before they need to hang in the shop as samples). Now I know how some of the really productive people in our guild manage it! My friend Tammy does a wonderful job turning tops into "quilts that just need binding." They sit in that state until I need something for our quilt show or a gift. The pile was up to 8 until I started working on the backlog, and by the end of the week there should "only" be 4!

Except for the border, all the fabrics for this one came from my stash. A smaller version in cool colors did as well, since I try to actually use scraps in my scrap quilts! It will look great on the new couch, so hopefully Chris won't mind flowers...

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