Friday, May 7, 2010

Fashion Plate

I absolutely love messing around with digital collage -- I can stamp and stamp (in any color I choose!) and never have to worry about smearing the ink. Isn't it funny, then, that I like messing with stencils as well? I thought it was a bit daring to stencil on my printed collage since a "blurp" would make me very crazy. The answer: use an almost dry brush (or in this case, dry cosmetic sponge) and make a couple of passes to get the color right.

This was my "quilting line" homework from Art + Quilt, and definitely wouldn't be the way I would approach the quilting if I did it again. We were supposed to use a variety of thread weights, and I don't like the heaviest ones. They are also the darkest so they really show up. I also didn't like how puffy the stenciled elements were until I quilted along the stenciled lines in matching thread, but now it is growing on me. Now the big decision is: to bead or not to bead! I have some bright pink seed beads that would follow the stenciled lines in spots. Hmmm...


  1. I like it. In this piece I actually only noticed the heavier lines on close examination.

    I'm thinking that with those heavier threads, the fabric can be very plain and the quilting can be the main design element in color as well as texture. The heavier lines could also be used to emphasize an element in a quilt. I learned a lot just looking at this!

  2. Good point! Quilting isn't my favorite part of the process so I usually do just a small amount on a piece like this. I think I'll play with quilting as texture in future pieces.