Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Fly!

Doesn't this little dog look happy? Mickie, the flying Pom, belongs to my friend Juli and she sent the picture since I don't have one of my flying boys. I made this little quilt for a fundraiser for the local dog agility club -- the "real" quilt will be done with a photo of the winner's dog.

The background is another digital collage. My paper below just didn't work because the colors were too muddy (all the agility equipment seems to be white and primary colors), so I used a gradated digital "paper" instead. I can't wait to paint some of my own... I had to grunge up the paper with a few digital stamps of water spots and chalk rubbings. Because agility is timed, I used a clock overlay as well. Keep your fingers crossed that this will be a popular item in the raffle!

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