Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Playing Like Pat (sort of!)

On the left-brain/right-brain continuum, I am pretty far out there on the logical, methodical left-brain way of working. I adore foundation-piecing -- I get nice sharp points, my blocks finish the correct size and one step follows another. Sewing intuitively the way my very right-brained friend Pat does it (where rulers are banned) makes me crazy, to say the least! I love the serendipity her quilts have, but her style of working will always be a stretch for me.

Here's an interesting twist, though: I let loose once I start messing around at my workbench. I mix paint colors very intuitively, and if I run out and can't quite replicate that first color, oh well! I love paint splatters, "ooops, I dunked my cup in the paint" rings, painted bubble wrap texture, a bit of grunge here and there. I may not be able to Sew Like Pat without much angst, but I can Play Like Pat and enjoy almost every minute of it (I'll admit that if I'm stamping or stenciling and want crispness, it is hard to embrace "blurps" and smears...).

I painted this on paper to match some clipart. The colors go well and I like the texture, although it doesn't work at all with the photo I have. Oh, well, I will use it for something else one of these days.

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