Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pumpkins and Onions and Stuff, Oh, My!

With apologies to The Wizard of Oz... :-)

This book arrived in the mail this week and I've enjoyed reading it, in spite of myself! Even though I have a huge fabric stash and extensive collections of embroidery threads and beads, I don't have a "magpie mind" -- I like things neat and tidy. Collecting bits and pieces of stuff makes me crazy, and scribbling with the sewing machine, well, we won't go there... So why do I want to drop everything to make a 3D piece like her papier mache boxes???

The same for the pumpkins in the Sept./Oct. issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. I'm not particularly fond of Halloween, and the big pumpkin kind of gives me the heebee geebies, but I really want to buy some plaster cloth and try covering something! What's up with that???

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