Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy (Early) Birthday to Me...

My "Big 5-0" is rapidly approaching (sigh...) and I'm determined to prolong the festivities as long as possible. It took me this long to get here, might as well enjoy the ride. Ha ha, if anyone wants to send cupcakes, I'm quite fond of chocolate... :-)

Instead of indulging in unneeded calories (which I dearly love but my waistline doesn't need!), I treated myself to TWO presents: Digital Art Studio: Techniques for Combining Inkjet Printing with Traditional Art Materials and Color Efex Pro 3.0 (plug-in filters for Photoshop). Happy Dance -- I can't wait to read and play!


  1. I always said my life began at 50 I stopped looking for work, met Dh and we went travelling. 50 is a good age to be. So much to look back on, and still so much future to look forward to. Enjoy your pressie Kathy, it sounds good. I wish you a happy birthday in advance as well.

  2. Hey, Shirley -- it might bother me less if I didn't keep thinking "half a century". Although it was probably more traumatic getting told by my hairdresser that highlights just wouldn't cover the gray anymore!!!

    Oh, well, I was lucky enough to retire from the high-tech industry just before I turned 40, and life since then has been pretty darn great. I get to quilt and bead and play with paints and Photoshop, and every once in a while someone pays me to teach them what I know, so life is good. :-) K

  3. Hi,
    I turn 49, on the 29th and I fully intend to celebrate (in small ways)the whole year before I turn 50. I think 50 is such a wonderful point of freedom and wisdom and finally no one can tell me what to do.
    I wish you the very best in the up coming weeks!

  4. Barbara, I can tell you are a smart lady! :-)

  5. happy birthday. the 50s is a great decade enjoy it!