Saturday, September 4, 2010

Color, Magical Color

FedEx brought the "Complete Color Index" by Jim Krause today and I'm having great fun looking through it and playing with colors in PSE8. It is a boxed set that comes with two paperbacks featuring over 2600 color combinations. Each color combo has up to 4 colors in differing amounts; the entry includes the RGB and CMYK values for each color. Enter the RGB value in the PSE Color Picker and that color is available for use in brushes, fills, etc.

Rummaging around on my bookshelf produced a similar series called "The Designer's Guide to Color Combinations" by Leslie Cabarga (the image above is from the sequel featuring global combos). What I like about these is that the sample combos are a little larger (44mm x 52mm vs. 20mm x 29mm) and feature up to 8 colors. The Global book features artwork (ads, beaded bags, paintings, wallpaper, etc.) from around the world -- it is useful to compare the color swatches (with each color shown in the equal amounts) with the actual item and see which colors are most prominent.
Okay, Kath, what's your point? Why should I bother with any of these? :-) If you're anything like me, you have favorite color schemes that you use again and again, but what if we wanted to try something different? I'm not a huge fan of pure, bright yellow (it is fine in children's quilts...), but I love some of the palettes in the scan above. Any one could easily be the start of a palette for a scrap quilt, digital composition, beaded bracelet, etc.

(I bought all these books with my own money and no one is paying me to say anything nice about them!) So there...

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