Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Woods Are Lovely..

Hello, All!

We're back from our annual holiday trip to see the in-laws in Wisconsin, and for once the weather was better there than at home! There weren't any arguments or meltdowns this year, and lack of drama is a very good thing... We did catch the family cold so the flights home were not fun (my left ear never cleared and now my sinuses are not happy) but a good night's sleep in my own bed did wonders.

I spent an hour shoveling snow this morning and still have more to do, but that's what my back can handle. The snow packed down quite a bit in a week and it is HEAVY. I let the dogs run around in the snow and they were happy happy happy! (they're the little mutts in the photo above). They are getting much better about coming when called, so they get to play off-leash more.

I got a chance to wander in one of my favorite antique co-ops and found a couple of great books (pre-1900 so copyright isn't an issue) -- one on botany and another that I think is German poetry. They're in bad shape so I don't feel bad about ripping them up for collages. A favorite bead shop closed but I did hit an interesting quilt shop (Quintessential Quilts in Reedsburg, WI). Quite a few of their fabrics are several years old (I haven't seen cotton at $8.79 in a long time!) so I stocked up on a few things for two scrappy quilts: a blue "laundry basket swap" that my sit and sew group is doing and prints for the "mud" quilt I want to do one of these days. I'll tell you more about those one of these days.

The dogs and I have agility class tonight so I'd better go get some work done. FYI--they're the agile ones, I work hard to keep up and not fall on my face! Agility equipment (jumps, teeter, dog walk, etc.) is referred to as "obstacles" for good reason!!!

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