Monday, November 8, 2010

No More Itches!

Hello, My Pretties (complete with Wicked Witch cackle!)...

I am back with you after almost 3 weeks of intense itching. I had a allergic reaction to something and then my immune system went berserk, possibly because of the flu shot I had recently. Thanks to modern pharmaceuticals I am back to normal. Hooray!

I am working on quilts again, but thought I'd show you one last watercolor before moving on. My friend Rosemary Eichorn gave me the silly cat figurine above, and for some reason I decided to paint it. Hint to self: get a grip on perspective and shading before you try something quite so complex next time!

My version must be male, because he has severe five o'clock shadow! The original has black eyes, but the color I mixed ended up a deep violet, so his name is "Taylor" (he couldn't be "Elizabeth" with all those whiskers, now could he?). I know, that's a groaner...

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  1. How funny -- when I published the post, an ad for Benadryl popped up!