Saturday, October 30, 2010

Up To My Eyeballs...!

When I was a little kid, I was forever guilty of having eyes bigger than my tummy -- everything (on the dessert table, at least!) looked so good I wanted one of everything. I was only allowed to pick one, because that's what good girls/ladies do, but even early on I wanted more more MORE!

When the autumn class schedule came out on, I couldn't decide if I wanted to play with acrylic paints (Altered Journal class) or watercolors (Sketchbook and Watercolors Journal Style), so I signed up for them both. There is an element of serendipity in the way we've played with paint in the journal class, but I'm fairly familiar with acrylics and haven't had any big surprizes. Watercolors, though, are a completely different story! I don't have a feel for the medium at all yet, but I'm entranced anyway.

I've done more sketching/drawing in the past week than I have in years and find I enjoy it more than I expected. I've got a long way to go before I feel really comfortable doing it and able to capture what I see on paper, but it is good to get over the "I can't draw" mental block. In the class we outline everything with permanent fine-point marker, and then most people add frames or other decorations to the painted page. I like it when they do it, but my frames look yucky so I'm trying other things -- I'm not sure the "sketchbook" style is for me. I do like mixing colors, though!

As much as I would love to play with paints all day, I have to make myself get back to work on class samples for the spring term -- proposals are due in a week or so...

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