Monday, August 2, 2010

So Close...

I was cranking along on my challenge quilt, getting it ready for this Saturday's show. Put the last of the four big blocks up on the wall and realized the color was WRONG. By then it was midnight and I had to get some sleep before today's 7:30 workout. I might as well have stayed up to pick fabric because I didn't sleep anyway...

I whined enough that the trainer took it easy on me, so now I get to choose new fabric and remake those blocks. I don't think I will be quilting today... :-(

p.s. my little "gladiator" dogs are doing their best to entice me to play. Wookie tries to bring me a toy, while Yoda grabs him by the tail and pulls him backward. It is pretty amusing, but not nearly as much fun as when I ask "who wants to play green dog?" -- laser-guided wind sprints up and down the hall! The laser pointer is build into a green plastic dog and the beam comes out the nose!

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