Saturday, August 21, 2010

Playing In The Poppies

This has been a fun little project -- a fabric postcard in decidedly unnatural colors! We (members of my sit and sew group) each picked one or more vintage images from the "Dancing Poppies" collage sheet by ArtChix to be used in an item to be shown at our September meeting. I picked a seed packet, and since I have the original file, I can play in digital land!

I created a 4" x 6" postcard blank in PSE 8.
Layer 1 is a mint-green leafy digital scrapbook paper from Designer Digitals.
Layer 2 is the seed packet image, cropped. I applied the "exclusion" blending mode, and the colors got oh, so cool! Not a bit of red in sight.
Layer 3 is a brush with vintage handwriting from Scrap Artist in a color selected from the image.

The image is printed on photofabric and ready for embellishment and backing with fast2fuse. Not too bad for a hour's work on a night when most of my brain cells were elsewhere!


  1. Wow this is wonderful, cant wait to see it once its been stitched onto x

  2. See for the finished card. Machine quilted, hand embroidered, satin stitch edge. I really missed my Bernina for the satin stitch!

    I used Wildflowers and Gloriana "princess perle" (silk) for the embroidery. The cotton thread was lovely to stitch with, but the silk had a mind of its own! The sheen is worth it, though.