Friday, April 2, 2010

Time Flies, Take Two

On to "plan B" for Miss Smarty Pants here... The digital ground yielded excellent print quality but the fabric was stiff as a board. I knew the medium would change the fabric hand a bit, but didn't expect as drastic a change -- a stitch like knotted buttonhole is normally created with a "scooping" motion, but that simply wasn't possible.

I treated another piece of fabric with "Preserve Your Memories II" spray and, per the manufacturer's recommendation, ran it through my dye ink printer (the first was printed on my Epson). The fabric is still quite easy to stitch on, but the color is slightly different and quite a bit of the detail was lost. I have some smaller pieces of the Aida cloth left and want to play around to find the optimal combination of fabric treatment, printer, etc. I may end up printing on my favorite EQ Printables and doing the stitching through waste canvas.

I used Finca cotton perle 5 and a hand-dyed cotton perle 12. Next time I would work a row of 8 as well before stepping down to 12. Live and learn!

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