Monday, April 19, 2010

Art Fairy -- Latest Class Sample

Where does inspiration come from? Anywhere and everywhere! This fall I'm offering a class in digital collage and mixed-media quilting and need a sample. I found the images at one of my favorite sites, I created the collage yesterday and assembled the quilt today!

I started with a digital "paper" as my background, then used several flourish brushes to add a little more texture to the background. A bit of this and a bit of that and the Art Fairy was ready to go.

My background is a great mottled batik in lime green and turquoise. There were a few "blah" spots so I added texture using two of my favorite techniques--a painted bubble wrap "stamp" and sequin waste stencil. I backed the black and white print with fusible and cut the swirls with my Sizzix die cutter (how cool is that?!?). I cut an extra swirl out of freezer paper to use as a quilt stencil and then echo quilted about the fabric motifs.

I'm off the search my bead stash for just the right treasures to finish this off. Just another whimsical day in fiber art paradise!

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  1. Oh, I particularly like this one! I love the black and white touches (kind of a zentangle effect). Your sewing machine stitches perfectly (well adjusted!). Is the blanket stitching around the center done by machine? What kind of machine do you have? Lovely work!