Thursday, January 19, 2012

Good Weather for Staying Indoors and Creating!

We got snow all day yesterday so I stayed indoors and worked on my digital art journal -- I spent just enough time shoveling snow (and slush!) that my shoulders are tired. We got about 9" yesterday before it warmed up and started raining, and my little dogs were not pleased! They don't like snow up to their tummies and they really really don't like going out when it is rainy and slushy! Sorry, guys, but it looks like we'll have yucky weather for a week...

I'm posting these art journal pages out of order because I love the last two I made so much! The prompt for the one above was "INTROSPECTION." I'm really struggling with how to merge the different things I like to do: quilting, surface design, hand embroidery and digital expression, and I just can't picture what the final result will look like. I need to let it go and just start working, and this piece was my response.

Today's prompt was "JOURNEY", and this piece follows the same "get on with it" theme. It is interesting that I don't have the same "analysis-paralysis" when I work digitally, maybe because the amount of time I spend on any one project is much shorter. Either way, I absolutely LOVE this one. Enjoy!

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