Monday, March 7, 2011

The Scramble Begins...

Hello, All!

I am getting ready for my trip down to CA at the end of next week, and I'm starting to hyperventilate with thoughts of how much I have left to do! One quilt needs binding, several need hanging sleeves, I need fabric for my class with Gloria Loughman, etc., etc., etc.!!! Breathe, Kath...

I have been cutting fabric for my "Laundry Blues" blocks (ugh, several people have their tops done already!!!) -- the sewing is easy and will be a nice break from intense creative activity. Of course I have enough cut for at least a week's worth of sewing, but I wouldn't want to sit around and be bored, would I? :-)

Anyway, I'm trying to use up smaller chunks of older fabric to make room for new stuff (some of it lives on the floor right now...). Anything that I don't use in my quilt will be cut into 5" and 3.5" squares for scrap quilts. This fabric has been in my stash a while -- it was our challenge fabric in 2003. I love my quilt and thought I'd show it to you. It has a wee bit of hand embroidery....!
Back to work, take care!

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  1. have fun with gloria loughman's class. i have met her several times (in switzerland, her daughter used to live near zurich and at festival of quilts in birmingham/uk), but have never taken a class with her.