Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Painting with Wild Abandon

Hello, Everyone!

This "finding your artistic voice" stuff is a challenge! There are so many things I like to do and I haven't figured out how to combine them all yet, but I keep plugging away. That sounds like drudgery, when it is really fun creating physical textures with paint for Kim Klassen's "Art of Texture" class and Jane LaFazio's "Mixed-Media With Paper & Cloth". Kim's class is primarily about using textures in Photoshop, but what attracted me to the class was that she included info on painting your own textures. I followed Kim's directions for the texture above, in colors I'm using in Jane's class!

I don't usually work on paper, but it has been a lot of fun. Maybe I don't sweat errors as much because paper isn't $10+/yd! There are definitely advantages to working on paper -- the paints spread more smoothly, and they don't run the way they can on fabric. Either way, I'm having a grand time enjoying the interplay of the colors without anything specific in mind. Wondering "what would look good here" and then just diving in is a new experience and one I'm enjoying quite a lot. Who knows where it goes, but I love taking a break from thinking so much and just playing in the moment.

What do you think, isn't this cool?

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  1. I think it is very cool!

    I'm taking the class with Jane too. It is so much to "process", almost overwhelming. You have a good start there. I'm off to see if I can do something with mine!