Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Golytely... :-(

Well, my artistic peeps, by now those of you "in the know" can guess what is in store for me this afternoon... As my hubby says, I am about to drink "jet fuel" in preparation for a belated birthday present from my gastroenterologist -- a colonoscopy. Yes, the beloved right of passage for 50-year-olds... If you haven't had the "pleasure" yet, be patient, you'll get your turn!

Ages and ages ago, I made an Ocean Waves quilt in shades of green and teal. The goal was to use up my stack of green fabrics! That definitely didn't happen and actually played a role in developing my stash acquisition strategy. :-) A couple of years ago, I decided to revisit that pattern and started making these blocks in blue and green batiks. I was going to use the blocks in the border of an art quilt but they didn't work out and they went into the cupboard. The colors are perfect for the digital collage I posted on the 15th so we'll see if they work this time.

In case you're wondering, this palette is similar to the one we're using for the "Laundry Blues" challenge (and quite a few of the fabrics will appear in that quilt as well), but isn't quite the same. This one goes to a more yellow-green and avoids the purples. It will be interesting seeing the two quilts side by side.

Wish me luck as I head downstairs for my first dose of yuckiness...

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  1. Hooray -- all done and I've got a clean bill of health. The goo you drink beforehand is disgusting but a hot tea "chaser" really helps settle the tummy. Thank, Wendy, for that tip!!!