Sunday, July 18, 2010

Work in Progress (Blue-Violet Color Quilt)

Ah, the "joys" of pushing the limits of one's comfort zone... Sometimes learning new techniques is a great experience, and sometimes it stinks! I am generally not a raw-edge applique kind of gal -- I like crisp, clean turned edges, even if they take longer. Using a fusible web generally helps tame the raw edges enough that I don't feel sick working on a project, but I didn't use any on the free-motion "Vincent" quilt I mentioned back in November. Live and learn: it is now in the garbage...

My new design uses the same colors and I love it already. It is based on one of the sample projects from Gloria Loughman's new book. I kept the parts I like, added some in from another project and traced the mirror image to get the length I need. My hand-painted fabric is a fun addition, and it will be fun to embellish. I will have to put it aside for a couple of weeks while I work on my challenge quilt, but I won't dread working on this one like I did "Vincent."

Gloria's technique builds everything on a tear-away stabilizer background. The embellished areas are fused and finished with satin or blanket-stitch applique, and the units are secured with turned-edge, invisible hem stitch applique. My large light box is useful for positioning the pieces and is bright enough that I can see the outlines through all but the darkest fabric.

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