Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mad Organizer Strikes Again...

I signed up for an online class, which led to a search for supplies, which led to another frantic frenzy of the kind of organizing only a left-brained Virgo can do! A couple of piles ended up in the fabric closet, but otherwise things are where they belong and I am happy happy happy (some people are SO easily amused!)

The stacks in the closet make it painfully obvious that I have TOO MUCH FABRIC, so as of today I am on a fabric moratorium. No more buying for the stash, I can only buy border or backing fabric if I absolutely don't have anything in my stash that will work (good thing I went to BJ's yesterday, ha ha). My first test will be Sunday when I teach at the Stitchin' Post. The harder one will be in March when I'm down at Asilomar. I have a $25 coupon to Back Porch Fabrics, so I hereby grant myself dispensation for that one!

(p.s. my last moratorium lasted three months...)

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