Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bad Computer, No Donut for You!

Busy busy busy, and my computers are not helping! (No, not when Poppit beckons, but when they freeze up and don't cooperate at all). First the laptop, then the desktop... Oh, well, avoiding the call of Facebook and Pogo has meant more time for sewing. Which is a good thing since class samples are due Feb. 5!

The top above is a sample for my ongoing Scrap Therapy club. I gave the students several choices and they really wanted to do this one. Me, too--I dove in as soon as I got home! Quite a bit of the fabric dates to some of my first quilts (early 1990's) so it was fun to work with old friends again. I want to get this quilted before delivering it to the shop, but I'm already off on another project: Color Quilt #2 -- Violet.

Since they will hang side by side, I wanted Violet to be very different than Blue-Violet; where Blue-Violet is raw-edge applique and full of curves (and a wee bit outside my comfort zone). Violet is all about points and accuracy, with lots of foundation-pieced stars. Fun fun fun!

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