Monday, April 9, 2012

"Kindness": Mixed-Media Fiber Art Journal Page

I just finished this yesterday -- a little art journal sample for an upcoming class. The background started as white PFD fabric that I treated with gesso, painted, stenciled and splattered with paint! The text block was done in Photoshop and printed on EQ Printables.

The motif on the right is a packing tape transfer. I printed the image (Designer Digitals) on the laser printer, covered it with tape, burnished it well, trimmed off the excess and soaked it in water for 5 minutes so the backing paper was easy to remove. Once the paper was removed, I glued it on with matte gel medium. That was my first attempt at this kind of transfer and I love how easy it was and how crisp the image turned out. I particularly like that the background shows beneath the unprinted areas. Enjoy!

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