Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our New Little Girl!

Hello, All! One look at this picture and you can guess where my attention has been the last few days. :-) Say hello to Jade, our 17-week-old Papillon puppy. Isn't she a cutie pie? That's my hubby, Chris, and ugh! me on the right. I'd rather be behind the camera...

I wasn't going to get a new dog any time soon since I still have so much to learn about dog training and agility handling, but an agility friend was thinking of getting a Papillon so I thought I'd check to see what was out there. What an evil friend I am -- I saw this little sweetie and decided she needed to be mine instead!

We're her second home, her first "mom" was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after adopting "Bridget." She is a handful (what puppy isn't?) so her owner asked our breeder to re-home the puppy so she could concentrate on her treatment. Bridget had lots of fancy clothes; as Jade, she has two other dogs to play with and agility competition in her future. Chris adores Jade and loves having a sweet puppy to cuddle with, and I'm already starting to train her. She loves to play tug and says cheese and other training treats are yummy!

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