Sunday, March 21, 2010

Home from Asilomar

Ugh--9 hours on the road (I need a buttectomy!) I adore my project from the class, even though I can't take much credit for the design. The instructor (Phil Beaver) took my painted petals and tweaked this and that until we ended up with this design. The background is a hand-dye, by Judy Robertson, I think.

"Celestial Navigation" is done except for the hanging sleeve and label. Hooray!

I got out of Back Porch Fabrics with a couple of books and fabric for the background of my hummingbird (plus one piece to replenish the violets...). Not bad, considering. I also found some yummy novelty yarns in Santa Cruz at $4/ball. Bargains are a good thing!

It is official -- the 2011 Empty Spools schedule is out and I will be Artist in Residence for the first session. Gotta kick it into gear and crank out some new quilts...

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